Cleveland Knocks: Episode 5

Don’t have HBO? Cleveland Mocks has you covered with this weekly series. We’ll break down each episode as if we were Justin Gilbert breaking down in man coverage.

Tonight’s final episode was filled with all kinds of drama. It starts off with Mychal Kendricks’ federal charges and Hue Jackson talking about how Kendricks’ off the field issues won’t be tolerated and they were cutting him. I figured they’d punish him by making him play the entire 4th preseason game.


Some fun things that happened in tonight’s episode:

There was a nice scene of Christian Kirksey dancing.

Todd Haley and Baker Mayfield had some fun rock jokes at Cajuste’s expense.

Some takeaways:

Devon Cajuste was a fun story, but not knowing how to block may be what’s hurting his career. The Cleveland Mocks staff wishes him and his family well.

Nate Orchard saved the past play of his career for the final preseason game. Maybe had he played like that his entire career he wouldn’t be on the bubble.

Brogan Roback seems like a cool guy. Hopefully he’ll find his way onto someone’s practice squad at some point.

Carl Nassib’s antics weren’t enough to save him. He’ll get picked up, whether it be another team or an investment bank.

Update: He got picked up.

Some questions I still have:

How did Greg Robinson trick a team into picking him at #2? In a brief scene of Myles Garrett playing o line in a drill with Nate Orchard, Garrett looked like a better offensive tackle than Robinson.

Will we get Hard Knocks with the Browns 2.0 to see how the defending Super Bowl Champs are getting ready to defend their championship?

Thanks for sticking with us through this season.